Kingdom of Kerr



Medieval tent

Returning to Kerr the group made their way back from the boarder lands. Their trip was long yet very quiet as they remembered their experiences, two companions fallen and one of those to a god he swore to destroy; the embodiment they set out to stop had succeeded and a close friend indicating he would be departing from the group to re-discover the land he had left and not in the king’s employ.

Haphazardly finding their way through the northern lands of Kerr the group stumbled upon a group of knights. Carefully they scouted the land about them, spied upon the unknown knights and after satisfied that they were from Kerr approached, half hesitant not in fear of Gunther, Konrad or Werner, but the need to tell the King that they had again failed him.

Cleaning up in the fortified camp, the group separated to make themselves presentable and calm themselves. Traben announced his departure, Wesley brought comfort to the wounded knights and men that served them, Las’Saemus and Jolin drew a good tankard around back awaiting their companions and all tried to prepare for what might be their last eve together.

After a meager meal the group presented themselves to the king. Upon entry Wesley dropped to his knees to bow, Las’Saemus simply looked past the king as not to gaze into his eyes and the others stood there at a quarter bow. To their surprise the King greeted as one would a lost sibling, embracing each and taking serious interest in their perils that he had sent them on.

At the end of their tale he asked them to rest up as he had need of them yet again, something that would be a tough tribulation he would need them to secure the aide of the mages. The companions looked at one another and bowed before taking their leave.

The next morning, the King Andreas informed them of the mission that was of the utmost need as the Kingdom had been put in great peril. They listened as he told them and showed them on map that no word of Fishguard could be had and that those that were sent never returned; Dolmas had gone quiet but that was their way in earlier times; the Port City of Korc was besieged and he did not know how much longer it would last but he did not have the troops to send to them as he was protecting the northern boarders as well as he could with the knights that still were able.

He then pointed to the isle of Magi and said “I need you to secure their aide, with what ever it takes minus surrendering the kingdom.” The group agreed that it was time to help the king and off they traveled to towards the coast with what provisions they could muster from the camp.

During their travels they encountered two things of great interest, a Goblinoid and Orc camp had been established deep within the Kingdom south of the grasslands. They then ran into a moderate sized army of soldiers hailing from Mercanth on their way to bolster the Kings Army in the north. They quickly informed them of the danger but the group was not worried nor were they going to deviate or spend time cleaning out any smaller matter that the locals could deal with.

Upset, but understanding the group made their way to the coast and secured passage from a scarred merchant that they rescued from a basement in a burned out shop. He refused to sail them past the dragon’s teeth (a rock outcropping that jutted straight out of the surface of the sea near the Mages Sanctum) but that he would take them to the Port City of Las.

They made their way there and upon entry, knew that this land was different then Kerr, even if it was part of the same kingdom. Heironious was not the only worshiped god, the buildings though of good quality were empty and the streets though full were mainly full of merchants and travelers that used the Port as a way station to stock up on goods and food for their trip around the warring nations.

Medieval building   port city of las



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