Kingdom of Kerr

Heironeous' Agony

Heironeous’ Agony (Untriumphant return)

Kok failed mission

Turning to the others Las’Sameus explained the need to leave the accursed lands and make their way down to the portal to leave this area. Wesley agreed in part, as he could not bring himself to kill or harm his old companion Minthan.

Traben on the other hand was eager to lure their old companion Minthan, now possessed by the weapon, book and armor, up the rope in order to cut it and cause him to fall into the blades that spun below much to the dislike of Wesley and the others.

Jolin, pure of heart however went down to help the ailing Minthan defeat the strange force he saw emerging from the western corridor. Sadly, this purity caused Jolin to be taken advantage of and knocked out only to awaken in a pool of blood where some ritual had been performed on the body of a fallen saint.

Making his way out of the pool of blood and eventually grouping back up with the party they all continued back towards the portal. Not interested in being prevented further from their goals, they made quick work of two trolls and a group of orcs that guarded the portal. Though two catfolk that had been with their foe disappeared into the underbrush; was it to alert another group, spy upon them further or just to flee the group would never know.

Reciting the strange runic magic phrase and cutting Jolin for what blood they needed for the ritual they group wound back up in the Tipaneth Empire, their return almost half over though their mission never completed. The group carried forth through the fields with the thought, what would Andreas say knowing that they not only failed, but lost his knight Minthan, and the girl they were to protect.



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