Kingdom of Kerr

Chapter Two

Chapter Two


Kingdom of kerr   chapter two   interlude   image

As the party sails back to the main land from the ilse of mages, King Andreas has fought many a tough battle in the lands of the Tipaneth Empire. His forces have begun to weaken during the past two months awaiting the return of the party he set forth to obtain the help of the mages, and the strength of the remaining men is sapped by having to fight their brothers in arms that have been raised to fight against them as many forms of undead.

Unbeknownst to Andreas the mages sail their air ship over head but a few days from his Northern Camp and the defenders of Glevath and Korc have repelled most of the attacks of undead and monstrous armies of the Tipaneth Empire. Fearing that his homeland is beset by Hextor worshipers and reports of a unholy knight approaching their battlefront from unknown lands the King is at a cross-roads, does he press what advantage he has in trying to press towards Lorinth and unseat the demon that has taken up the guise of Salimonth the Red resurrected or does he recall his force and retreat back to Glevath to make a final stand?

Deep in the South the Mercanth barony of Kerr has begun to raise their own force to stave off any oncoming war that may breach their baronies borders and the emissaries have taken council with litches and warlocks of the Tipaneth Empire. In the West the barony of Chaer feverishly searches for the gauntlets and armor of Herionous while levying what they can in men, provisions and coin to fund Andreas’ war in the North and supply the Kingdom’s remaining cities and villages unknowing that Mercanth is about to re-enact a past treachery that almost brought the baronies to their knees over a hundred years ago.

In the mountains and woods the dwarves and elves fortify the passes together and bring their force to bear securing the weaker western flanks of the kingdom and providing aide to all villages and cities they can, regardless of the reactions that they receive from their inhabitants. Dwarves and Elves are now almost an equal population, though armed, in most of the settlements of Kerr and Chaer. Will they continue honor the bargains struck with the king is yet to be seen.

Smoke arises through the lands and the Tipaneth Armies plunder, sack and stake claim to all they touch, will the party be in time or will the people of the land suffer? It is yet to be seen but what is certain is that there will be blood, death and loss for all involved.



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