Kingdom of Kerr

Sea Legs

Sea Legs

Flying boat

The sun crept over the dragon’s teeth and the shores of the isle as the party awoke. Argus was the first to awaken as the light poked at his eye lids and he shook off the dust of sleep and made his way upon the shore from under the tent flap.

Spotting a mage that prepared some goods upon a strange levating disk he asked if the mage could help him secure a barrel of explosive powder. The mage nodded as it was common for his sect to practice with the elemental powers of magic and the materials that could help it unbeknownst to Argus.

Argus happy that he had a component he desired for months smiled, thanked him and walked off. The mage sent a runner to inform the sect of the request while the others awoke as the sounds of the impromptu camp began to reach a level louder then the sea that crashed over the boulders near them.

Making their way out the group found Argus who was staring at a large sea vessel covered in magical runes all over the hull, sails and masts. It stayed in place without a anchor and seemed to give off a hum of sound. They all took in the sight momentarily before the Grimoire approached them, his magic concealing the sounds that he made as he approached.He told them it was time to leave and to make ready as this voyage would be like none they ever encountered.

The group made their way aboard the sea vessel and as it began to sail they felt less of the water turbulence until it seemed there was none at all. As Gambit looked over the edge of the railing he noticed they were no longer sailing on the sea but rather through the air.

The boat continued to ascend until the clouds obscured the ocean and no landmass could be seen. It was then that Grimoire said, “It’s Time!” the group gathered and were prepared for what ever was to come next. Grimoire informed them that they would be teleported to the other ship that carried their companions that were prisoners of the other group.

Jolin’s eyes opened as he would have a chance to re-fight Qualin and show him who was master of the fighting skills they both possessed. Argus reminded Grimoire to teleport his explosive powder keg with them and Gambit wondered why Las’Sameus decided to help the Centaurs of the Isle’s wood vs. coming with the group.

When they were prepared they disappeared and randomly appeared on the deck of the caravel that had left the day earlier.



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