Kingdom of Kerr

The Isle

The Isle

Port city of las   kerr

The merchant leaving them upon the dock the party minus their scout Traben ventured off into the city to find a warm bed, a good meal and some information about the Mages that inhabited, others would call it imprisoned, on the southern end of the isle.

The group splintered, finding what information they could but the stoic Jolin made his way to the tavern. He was tired of sailing, the bickering of the group and the lack of a good ale. Making his way up to the bar he called out for a good drink on the port master as it was he who gave him the token as he did the others for paying the docking fee.

A group of men and half men near the fire place saw Jolin. An impressive six plus feet of moving muscle and armed to the teeth and called him over. Telling him of the venture they were on they gave him a small scrying gem should he change his mind to abandon his companions, their quest for the king or to just make some coin.

Wesley noticed the transaction and lambasted the half-orc about the gem as it could be used to spy on their party. Finally Jolin had enough he sold some items and came back to tell them that he had sold the object they were so worried in and was able to provide their new companion Gambit with proper equipment and provisions.

What the group did not know is that he had only hidden the gem and had no intention on selling it, as it may have come in handy later, or maybe it was his time to part with the group and venture out to make some extra coin.



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