Kingdom of Kerr

The Kingdom of Kerr - To Stop Hextor's Embodiment (part 5)

The Kingdom of Kerr – To Stop Hextor’s Embodiment (part 5)

Scared orc

The fight continued below flurried blow after flurried blow until Kane finally felled the seer. A great zeal overtook the tiefling, he had felled a strong opponent and by himself. It was then the others arrived. Bloodied, bruised and exhausted he greeted Jolin as he approached.

Explaining the situation to him and another Las’Sameus uninterested in the battle explored the other cells that lined the walls till he discovered a small lever. Pulling it released the latch in the walls holding up the solid stone door sealing Jolin and Kane off from the group.

Jolin turned to see what had just happened as Kane looked around and spotted four specters and a wraith. Calling to Jolin he began his assault vs. the smaller of them as Jolin called for the others to open the door. The specters and wraith descended upon the two as the giant half orc screamed for help and the tiefling fought them back as best he could.

As the door opened and the half orc screaming ran past Las’Sameus, Traben and the others he screamed “RUN!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES”

Las’Sameus and Argus quickly followed screaming in almost a mass hysteria and running for the stairs. Wesley and Minthan held the rear guard for their companion Kane though new he was still one of them. At this moment, seeing his blows had no effect Kane bent down to rifle through his defeated foe’s possessions and picked up a book. As he did so the book spoke to him in far speak. Over and over it spoke the same phrase, “The eyes are the enemy. Seeing is blindness. Only the eye of Hextor can see the truth! Hextor needs blood. Blood needs the horn, I need your lives!!!” The mantra became stuck in his head and eventually overtook his mind, and his rational thought so much so that he began to repeat the phrase uncontrollably.

The undead turned their attention from him and began making their way towards the knight of Kerr and his companion Wesley but not before Minthan hearing hextor’s name hurled a well made javelin through the air and killed his old companion Kane as anyone that worshiped Hextor would live to speak his name as long as he lived.

Tactfully retreating after Wesley threw up a ward to protect them till they could regroup and met their companions up the stairs. Quickly they turned the tide and wiped out the undead only then to go back down and see why Kane had turned upon them and why he called out for Hextor in his moment of weakness.



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