Kingdom of Kerr

The Kingdom of Kerr - To Stop Hextor's Embodiment (part 6)

The Kingdom of Kerr – To Stop Hextor’s Embodiment (part 6)

Broken statue

Reveling after they defeated the undead specters and wraith the group proceeded back down the spiral stairwell and emerged from in the corridor expanse that turned left and right. To the left their fallen companion Kane to the right the sealed oaken door. Ignoring the dead tiefling they headed towards the door on the right and as Jolin crossed the threshold he was immediately snatched up into the air by some form of ancient magic.

As he was pulled into the room by his neck his arms twisted behind him wrought by the same magical force. Struggling against the unknown magic the air began to escape his lungs and the group looked on in horror wondering what to do. Minthan and Traben crossed the threshold to help him but were also instantly hauled up by their necks and hands too were bound behind them by the same magic.

Concerned the onlooking party scrambled for answers until it was determined that the statue that was across the room may be responsible for the magic. Argus loosed a few bolts without any luck, yet their companion Wesley charged the statue and with a few blows shattered it. As the statue fell apart their companions fell to the floor.

Gasping for air Jolin thanked him briefly as the others, more interested in the anti-chambers that were attached to this room as they held strange writings upon the wall, a strange armor and weapon as well as two solid oak doors that flanked the destroyed statue.

Carefully listening to the doors, Las’Sameus pointed out that the one door had strange noises behind it. Picking the lock Argus stepped back and let the others open the door to reveal a strange man that had, had his flesh flayed yet still lived. Las’Sameus convinced the man that he was there to help him and lead him out which revealed that the man was supposedly there for the embodiment of Hextor and the pain brought him closer to the god.

After getting what they could from the man Minthan put him to death as his willingness to be the vessel for Hextor upset him. It was then that the group raided the small treasury next to the room and began looking at the armor and weapon.

An intense review of the armor and weapon began for hours as the group convinced it had to be destroyed tried ways to pull it from the stand and dispose of it, for it could help the champion or god himself. As Minthan threw a rope over the armor it formed a black platemail that may fit him perfectly and called to him to wear it. Convinced that the armor was a gift from the god he he dropped his breastplate and began to don the armor.

The group forcefully tried to stop him but eventually he escaped from their watch long enough to don the armor and pick up the giant weapon. Hearing him make his way up the stairs calling out for their deaths as the armor and weapon united with the book made him the living champion of Hextor. The fallen knight of Kerr, bearer of Heronious’ glory had succumbed to old magics and needed his friends blood to bath the gods entry into the world in mortal form. Fleeing the caves the group cut the final rope to bind their old companion in the cave and decided what next to do.



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