Kingdom of Kerr

To Stop Hextor's Embodiment

The Kingdom of Kerr – To Stop Hextor’s Embodiment

Making their way with the pilgrims and Sister Naenia southward towards the temple of Malagent the party questioned her about the area and rifled through the wagon while no one was looking. As the slow moving funeral procession continued on Traben, Wesley and Argus spotted some strange men and tieflings hiding among the trees East of their snow covered road.

Calling out to Sister Naenia they pointed out that the men were there and though she could not see them she mentioned that the land was wrought with those that would steal readily or lay waste to pillage when they could and for them to be on alert.

Hastening the procession the group saw their opening and multiple of the pilgrims with fists and staves charged their unknown adversaries. A long fight ensued as fists and staves were joined by lance, bolt arrow and hoof verse the iron steal and magics of the attackers. Sister Naenia brought the fight to a conclusion by calling upon the Raven Queen to stop their advisories. As two of the men were engulfed in feathers choking the life from them, they learned a sad truth. It was during this fight that a loan rider atop of a hippogriff flew in from the south west and stole the body of their dead saint Malagent.

The tieflings had run, and the mage turned into a giant bird to fly away for some reason when they had, had the pilgrims at a key turning point; however none wondered why except the sister. Traben asked the sister to assist them with closing their wounds and Naenia agreed. She healed them with a unknown magic, Sister Naenia pulled forth a knife and pierced their arms while calling to the Raven Queen to close their wounds. Though helpful the sent of the burning flesh remained in the nostrils of all helped as they turned their full attention towards the woman.

The wounded woman cried out accusing the party of leading this attack by crushing the fabled ice flowers of this land as they clumsily made their way through the wood which offended the native peoples in the north. Something smelled awry and a heated disagreement between Las’Sameus and the woman began before Minthan raised his voice and caused her to cower in her place.

A moment later she stood and the guide dropped, the magic fade from her body and before them stood an older slender man. The mage gave his words proudly “Our lord will walk again and unite these lands” he exclaimed before Sister Naenia called upon a follower to end his life. The motion fluid and quick the silver colored knife pierced the mans neck and appeared from the front of his throat.

Sister Naenia began to cry knowing she lost the saint’s body she was entrusted with, the old women with her ushered away the albino girl and kept her separated from the party as they spoke with Naenia when she recovered. Naenia agreed to sell the two plow horses that pulled the funeral cart which once held Malagent’s body for a paltry sum to help them track down the man or thing that took their saint’s body.

The party though had other ideas first which were to re-supply and take refuge in the town of Grenilak to the south. Las’Sameus lightly tipped a man that informed him of the rough laws of the town and unequipped himself before leading Argus and Traben into the general store. A unhappy truth was revealed, although the Orc’s were peaceful here with humans as long as they had coin to spare, their coin was worth much less then they had hopped. For every 4 gold pieces they had it was worth 1 here and a fee needed to be paid to smelt it.

Traben was beseeched by the group to buy them the winter blankets, cloaks and sundries they needed and he willingly agreed. As they prepared to leave Las’Sameus thought to himself ‘I do not care about this reborn leader rather why the Orc’s are coming down into Kerr to wage war and how can I stop them’.



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