Kingdom of Kerr

Understanding the Power of Magic

Understanding the Power of Magic

Isle mage 2

Making their way through the isle’s forest and towards the Mages Sanctum the party disagreed about tactics and why Wesley had taken his leave in the Port City of Las. Eventually making their way onto the southern shore multiple days later the group noticed the five towers.

Standing momentarily there looking at them in depth, the group did not realize five of the inhabitants of the tower had teleported behind them and were preparing spells. As they began to make their way toward the towers one by one they began to fall in fear then unconscious except Jolin. His will not dominated by the mages spells the half-orc challenged the mages leader verbally.

It was at that instant that he was teleported to one of the towers and restrained by magics. Probing his thoughts the mage’s leader smiled as he thought he uncovered the true mage hunters party and Jolin may have been the leader.

Explaining the gem he was given and becoming quite silver tongued at that moment the half-orc convinced the mages that he was naught but an adventurer. The leader agreed to release them if they completed three tasks, destroy the mage hunter party, free the mages they captured and the third task to be named if Jolin wanted them to join the army of Andreas.

Agreeing he was brought back to his party and the party was released to complete these goals. Given lodging, food and supply the group made their way up the coast and through the forest again. This time the Centaurs that protected the isle took offense to the party’s transgretion through the forest as they used a glowing red gem that concerned the Centaurs.

Seeing they were no challenge and about to release them before Gambit confused by the situation threatened the Centaur Chief. Deciding to have fun he took the man and put him through the daily life of a horse. Pulling wagons, being whipped by a driver and being fed week old vegetables, being over worked and threatened with castration as he was a unruly stallion that should not bread. Gambit thought of the ways he’d repay his captors and once released had to be restrained by Jolin and others.

A day later they approached the beach south of Port Las and noticed four men chained near a fire and three others joking and eating. The half orc Qualin, the human cleric Talon, and their dwarven companion Isentruc all joked of how they captured their prey and did not notice the group appoaching.

It was Lunas the Red, their human ranger friend that made his way around the party as they approached and positioned himself within the rock face so they could not see him easily. The party approached led by Argus, and Jolin with Gambit drawing upon the power of his staff to protect him as he tied himself down with rope to a dead tree that was lodged between two boulders.

A fight ensued as Lunas loosed two arrows that stuck Wesley that had rejoined the group. The fight raged for almost 2 minutes when the last blow was struck and Jolin dropped. As they awoke, groggy and bleeding the group made their way to the shore line and saw on the horizon a Caravel that sailed for the main land.

Upset that they had lost yet again and looking to see how they would tell the mages of their failure Argus noticed a cloud of fog rapidly approaching the shore line. Knowing they could not outrun the magical fog they braced for a fight even though they were half alive. Magical voices put Argus, Wesley and Gambit to sleep while Jolin stoically endured again. Moving away from the undead litches that came in with the fog Jolin heard and saw the mages of the Sanctum appear and destroy the litches with ease.

The mages realized the challenge that faced even the isle, waived their requests and promised to set-out to join Andreas in destroying the Tipaneth invasion force. Jolin thanked them and as they were cared for to a degree the decided to accompany the mages on their trip as it’s always good to have someone that can kill a litch with ease standing next to you.



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