Kingdom of Kerr

When Diplomacy Fails and Powder Explodes

When Diplomacy Fails and Powder Explodes

When diplomacy fails and powder explodes

Realizing they were separated with Jolin and Argus on the Quarter Deck and Gambit on the main deck near the powder keg but without a torch, they decided it was time to discuss with the sailors about them terms for the sailor’s loyalty or surrender.

Though Argus tried he could not secure their loyalty so with a quick motion Gambit created a bag of coins to buy their loyalty. The spell a strong conjuration was just an illusion however and he refused to allow them to count it which added to their suspicion. Jolin realizing this was not going well for the party added his own spin on why the sailors should join them but as Gambit realized there was no resolution in site he prepared another spell and burst the area with a sonic wave. The wave knocked him unconscious with two other sailors before all hell broke loose and the injured companions on the quarter deck let loose with all they had left.

Argus tossed his lit torch onto the powder keg, Jolin let loose a scream of rage and began to cut down the sailors that approached him. Argus seeing that the chance of success was slim drew his bow of lightning and let loose a flight of arrows, two finding their target the barrel, another into Torn’s breast plate a moment later.

Torn prepared a spell but it was too late, the keg exploded killing him, and blowing a portion of the ship into the sea. The fighting continued for a few more moments before Qualin, Isentruc and Lunas made their way topside with the captain.

Jolin and Argus made short work of Lunas the sailors and Isentruc but Qualin and the captain were prepared for such a fight and began to level the playing field. Jolin called back to Argus, “shoot through me…. KILL THEM”. Argus apologized and let loose another arrow killing the captain but missing Qualin.

Jolin’s skin smelt of burned flesh from the electricity that ripped past him on the way to finding the the captains chest. With the energy that he had left he drew upon his inner power and with a mighty blow killed Qualin where he stood. It was a sight of beauty, the two of them survived but lost another companion.

Taking a look around the Gem that Jolin carried laughed at him letting him know there were others below. Shrugging off the gem’s telepathic laughter he looked around and laid claim to Qualin’s body and belongings. It was his kill so the items belonged to him.

They paused, looked at one another and decided to go below and see who still lived and wondered how they would control this massive ship safely and to Kerr.



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