Kingdom of Kerr

Who Needs a Rogue

Who Needs a Rogue

Prison door

Carefully making their way down the stairwell into the lower deck, Jolin and Argus bruised, bleeding and barely conscious looked for survivors. Jolin consulted the gem hoping it would indicate if the lives it sensed were down here or lower into the belly of the ship. As he did this the sound of boots and metal clanking on metal could be heard upon the main deck.

“Is anyone here,” called out a familiar voice. Argus and Jolin knew immediately who it was, Wesley had returned and some how made his way onto the main deck. Most likely the mages they thought, as they ascended the stairwell again. Wesley explained that a sailing vessel brought him here as he knew they intended on capturing or dealing with the slavers.

The trio made their way into the hold of the ship and within a few moments began to free someone calling out to them. Argus popped the lock with ease and then as the door creaked open realized that he forgot checking for traps. An explosion was heard, screams were heard and heat was felt on his and Wesley’s faces.

Three scaulded mages and a human Eltharion were bound in strange magical chains lying atop of one another. Wesley pushed Argus out of the way and began healing them. Jolin looked at the door he was in front and backed away. He had no way of knowing if it too was trapped but those behind it called for his help.

Argus shook off the feeling and made his way to the other door, looking at the lock he paused, checked for traps once, twice, thrice and then satisfied there were none popped the lock. Two humans were there both freed from any bonds they had causing Jolin and Wesley concern. Were these two traitors, sailors in disguise or worse mages from the Tipaneth Empire?

After a inquisition of the two, Wesley shrugged just prisoners he thought and they made their way back into the lower level looking for the captains quarters and possibly a key to free the four other men while Viktor and Usephe looked for what was stolen from them when they were captured by the mage hunting party.

Argus found a locked door at the aft of the lower deck and popped the lock again without finding any traps. Luckily for him the trap that did spring missed him as he stepped aside. For some reason the captain was afraid of mages or those that would set them free he thought to himself.

Spotting a key ring upon the shelf the Argus grabbed it and made his way over to the men. Freeing each in turn they changed from weak looking men into powerful rune covered mages who granted them the boon of crystals that would turn into crystal sailors that knew how to pilot a ship yet would need to be given clear commands after being asked to “Help Us”. The mages disappeared and moments later as the party was careless with their words they lost the first of eight crystal sailors as it fell overboard while others began to attack the prisoners (Usephe and Viktor).

Carefully they crafted a set of commands and the crystal sailors began to sail the ship and left their new companions alone. Argus returned to the room where he found the keys only to see Viktor trying to open the chest with a key he found in a small hideaway box that poisoned him and made him drop to his knees earlier and loose all that his stomach had contained.

Calling out for him to STOP he was too late Viktor opened the massive chest and a giant sound and smoke erupted through the lower level of the ship. Wesley and Jolin unaffected by this the others began to act afraid of everything and draw their weapons. Wesley and Jolin had to wrestle their new companions and Argus into separate rooms for their own protection and took accounting of the materials in the chest.

A Helm, a Belt of Gems, a book, and a few other items of value. Wesley looked carefully at the belt and then realizing it was touched by Hextor ran it above deck and tossed it into the ocean. His task took him away from Jolin who enticed by the helm donned it and began to hear the voice of Sly, the helm touched by Kord. Jolin began to see things more clearly and Wesley in his haste did not notice him wearing it nor the smaller ship that was approaching them from the west.

Wesley and Jolin were the only two there that had any chance of telling the crystal crew to avoid the other boat as it was manned by Minotaurs and what looked like a strange looking man in red and black armor and they were in no condition to fight, not now, not with most of them afraid of their own environments, not with Viktor opening other object potentially.

As they were below deck unaware of what was occurring above deck, the other vessel approached and seemed intent on boarding the ship they were on.



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