Druid of Obad-Hai


NPC: Erängoniä
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 173
Hair: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Tan

Father: Osleth
Mother: Unknown

Land: Tipaneth Empire
City: None


General History:

A great deal is known about Erängoniä. He is a druid of Obad-Hai that makes his home in the Tipaneth Empire though travels freely between both the Kingdom of Kerr and the Tipaneth Empire. He is welcome in both by the common man and woman (especially farmers) as he goes out of his way to keep the shrines to Obad-Hai well maintained, people healthy and the crops plentiful.
He carries a staff of power that some say was given to him by the god himself, though most of that is rumor that he’s tried to quell for more years then he cares to recollect now and has all but given up on. He is fully devout to his god, and his nature is pure as proven by the divine priests of Kerr when he was taken in for questioning by the guards and knights at the Watchers towers.

This inquiry and was due to his family’s and his own personal past as a raider and slaver. Erängoniä is oart of Osleth’s house (the Three Silver Chalices) a slaving house in which he personally helped raid the border towns of Kerr in his younger years and sell men, women and children into all manner of servitude after he personally had his fun with them like the others of his house. Though he gave up that life years back when he found the teachings of Obad-Hai, it still haunted him every day and night.

His capture occurred during a normal trip to the village of Hameth to tend to Obad-Hai’s shrine and bless the fields for a bountiful harvest. This was before he traveled with his fellowship, which later changed as he realized the importance of doing his gods work in numbers and the safety they also brought in fending off the unwanted trouble of a bandit.

He was brought to one of the Watchers Keep towers along the border and questioned for weeks on end with the tongue of a whip and chain of pain. The news eventually made it’s way back from Hameth to Osleth’s family and they beseeched their emperor to do something about this unwarranted arrest. A small explorative force was mounted at the command of the emperor and made its way southward to reclaim the son of Osleth.

The news, however had also made it’s way to Father William’s ear and when he heard he immediately left from his temple to the keep to speak on behalf of the reformed young man. Though the men that were stationed there did not like being told what to do the conceded to Father William’s authority and allowed him to assist Erängoniä. Healing his wounds, providing him with a proper meal and vestments Father William took him from the dungeon to head back to his home in the Tipaneth Empire.

Shortly after their departure from the tower they encountered the force sent by the Tipaneth Empire. Father William wanted to assist Erängoniä the entire way but at the pointed request of the armed men, he conceded their point and handed Erängoniä over to the armed men as he knew he would be safe. To this day father William and Erängoniä have stayed in touch and each considers the other a close friend merely separated by a man made border.


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