Father William

Priest of Heironeous


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 63
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 184
Hair: White/Balding
Hair Length: Medium
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Caucasian

Father: Hothriath
Mother: Milda

Land: Kerr
City: Canlilth Village


General History:

Father William was once a great knight of Kerr, he fought for Balrick when he was but 12 years old and then Ulrick when he was knighted. As his skill with the sword diminished he took up the more holy of practices and became a priest when he surrendered his arms to Andreas upon the day of his coronation.

He moved from Glevath into the country, first Fishguard, then Hameth before finding his calling at Canlilth a fledgling town established in the corner of the borders of the old Chaer Barrony, Kerr and the Tipaneth Empire.

He has tried to bring religion to the people of this area, but most are too interested in coin and pleasures of the flesh to care about worshiping a god that looks down upon their desires. It was not till he heard of the capture of the Druid Erängoniä and felt Heironeous’ hand moving him did he find his purpose again. Saving the young Erängoniä from certain execution for past indiscretions and poor choices reinvigorated him. Returning to Canlilth he diligently began to convert the people from their heathen practices to that of worshiping the most high holy Heironeous.

It’s been years since he saved Erängoniä and the two have come to rely upon the council of one another even though they follow different callings. Father William has come to think of Erängoniä as his lost son and Erängoniä has come to see William as a father. They find a way to get together three times a year, harvest day to celebrate Erängoniä’s god and the time William saved him, Williams name day which occurs during when the snow first falls in the Tipaneth Empire and for Yule to exchange blessings for one another in the new year.

Though it is hard for William to travel much anymore, due to his age and aliments, they always are together during theses times.

Father William

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