King Andreas Der Ice Falk

King Andreas Der Ice Falk


King Andreas Der Ice Falk

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Age: 37
Height: 6’04"
Weight: 215 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond (Long)
Skin: Caucasion

Father: Ulrick King of Kerr/Ulrick The Just
Grandfather: Balrick King of Kerr, Uniter of Kerr, Leader of the Free Baronies

Personal Coat of Arms: Rampant Eagle Green and White upon alternating fields
Kingdom Coat of Arms: White Maltese Cross upon a split upon black and red fields

Land: Kerr


General History:

Born to Ulrick son of Balrick in a time of peace, Andreas was the second son of his father and not in immediate line for the Kerr throne. Forgotten about by most he strode to be the best at everything he did, from practicing his prayer to fighting with all manor of weapons. Upon his fourteenth name day he joined the general Kerr army in order to prove himself to his father and win his affection. He rose quickly in the ranks as a skilled fighter and strategist and within five years became the main aide officer to Agon general of the Kerr army.

The time with Agon was well spent and Andreas flourished. He was taught many skills by Agon and learned a hatred of the arcane magics. This hatred first taught by Agon was later steeled by a revolt lead by mages in the south eastern portion of the empire in a small city called Lapos. The campaign was victorious though short lived; however during it many of his comrades in arms fell to spells and the constructs of the mages.

He was called back to the capital city Glevath by his twentieth name day to be part of his eldest brothers (Lucan) coronation as his father had passed during the campaign. Andreas, now a hardened warrior with a campaign under his belt mourned his father’s passing and reveled in seeing his family again.

Lucan beseeched Andreas to stay and at his brothers request stay he did. The time with his brother taught him the politics of the capital city and the need for laws and advisers. Years passed in peace with Andreas learning all he could and spending time with many nobles and royalty, learning bits and pieces of each of them.

A sickness took his brother Lucan’s life and it was widely speculated that the Tipaneth Empire had sent an assassin to stop their line or weaken it so that the raids into Kerr would be met with less resistance then during Lucan’s reign.

Andreas was coronated without much adieu and the reign of Andreas The Just King of Kerr began. Laws about arcane magics that were never enforced were quickly brought into full enforcement, the national religion became that of Heronious and the other good gods though still worshiped no longer were permitted temples but were allowed minor shrines about the cities and towns, the Watcher Keeps were re-staffed by vigilant palidans loyal to Andreas (men that had served with him during his time in the army) and the council of multiple knights within the army he served within was requested.

Andreas now seeks able bodied men and women to help him secure his kingdom and discover if the aide of old alliances will be needed to prevent the Tipaneth Empire from flowing over the boarders with their magics, monstrous legions and undead hoards.

King Andreas Der Ice Falk

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