Ser Johan

Ser Johan


Ser Johan

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Age: 38
Height: 6’05"
Weight: 241 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond (Short-Cropped)
Skin: Caucasian

Father: Humell

Personal Coat of Arms: Black Flexed Arm upon a Silver Field
Kingdom Coat of Arms: White Maltese Cross upon a split upon black and red fields

Land: Kerr
City: Glevath

General History:

Originally a squire to Andreas during his enlistment with the general army, Ser Johan is one of the strongest knights that serves his majesty Andreas. A single blow from his sword can crush a weaker man or destroy their armor or shield. Those that have faced him (unless in practice) have failed to live long enough to tell the tale of their engagement preventing his fame from spreading beyond those within the army or brotherhood of knights.

He always stands near Andreas and for the most part is stoically reserved though a few pints of a good brew will show his smile and good nature. Though not a body guard to Andreas, Ser Johan is always close at hand and many believe willing to die for his good friend and king.


Ser Johan

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