Ser Lars Wulfsblut

Knight of the Realm


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Age: 35
Height: 5’08"
Weight: 178 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown (Short)
Skin: Caucasian

Father: Robin Wulfsblut

Personal Coat of Arms: Crossed Black Swords upon a solid Silver field
Kingdom Coat of Arms: White Maltese Cross upon a split upon black and red fields

Land: Chaer
City: Ulm


Originally a squire to Andreas during his enlistment with the general army, Ser Lars is one of the strongest knights with a sword that now serves his majesty Andreas and closest friend to Ser Konrad. It was many a knight that now owes his knighthood to Ser Lars as his strength is not just in his arm but in his intellect of training. Ser Lars is also the most bashful of all of Andreas knights when it comes to finding a woman. It is rumored that Ser Konrad once ordered a squire brother to secure women for his friend Lars and when his squire brother Eberhardt returned with two ladies that fawned for Lars the knight froze and words escaped him. To this day Konrad pokes at him about that day and all his cunning of word to win their favor.

Image Copyright Andreas Claeson

Ser Lars Wulfsblut

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