Book of Blood

Cursed Book



Will: +10
Intelligence: -2 / after 1 week

Curse: DC: 15 The book calls for the wearer to unit it with the waxing & waning weapon and armor. The holder must make a will save at a -3 detriment to overcome the desire to search out the other objects and a separate will save to drop the book each day they’ve had it. After a week of use of ownership, the owner begins to go insane and ramble with the teachings and prophecies of the book and refuses to let it go as they’ve become a thrall to the books spirit.

Anyone who touches the book immediately feels the blood of the tome flow forward and crawl up their armor and skin to make it’s way into their body through their pours, eyes, mouth, ears, nose and any other opening it can find. It is a horrid feeling and the holder will begin to scream and writhe in pain after just a few moments of this occurring, though the excruciating pain stops after an hour, though the memory remains present in the owners body.

After the pain has subsided the owner begins to hear whispers in Far Speak that portend the coming of the great god Hextor. It entices them and calls for them to become the herald of Hextor. When the owner is near any unfaithful they begin to recite the following verses “The eyes are the enemy. Seeing is blindness. Only the eye of Hextor can see the truth! Hextor needs blood. Blood needs the horn, I need your lives!!!” The book then calls forth for murderous intent and how they will be rewarded by Hextor for doing his bidding. Should the owner become struck silent, the book in the same susurrus voice, but in speaker’s native tongue calls for the capture of those that did this and stopped the word of the most holy of gods.


Book of Blood

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