Book of Enterlalin

History of the Original Gods


Enterlalin (The World)

Approximately 1,000 BC (Before Cataclysm)

The original gods created the world as a giant colosseum for their entertainment. It consisted of a large single land mass that stretched out like a circular disk in every directly and bordered it by large mountains to protect it from the sea. A large forest filled the center of their arena fed by rivers and small bodies of sweet water that flowed from the mountains.

Beyond the mountains a giant sea that stretched out for the other four fifths of the world surrounded the land in every direction. As their waves broke upon the edges of the mountains they produced a cool breeze which cooled the land and sweet water, as the two suns so that rotated it could burn the land without it.

The suns provided enough light for the golds to see their colosseum three quarters of the day, and plan their exquisite and unending battles. Battles that would need willing warriors.

Approximately 999-735 BC

Satisfied with the world before them, the old gods then created the first or lesser races which resembled themselves as they were vain. They races consisted of consisted of the goblins, orcs, kobolds, trolls and gnolls both male and female, children and adults to fill their arena with fun. They were separated to different portions of the land and given what they needed by the gods to survive and fight.

The goblins were created by Gafin. They were slender with a light tan skin, red hair, blue eyes and stood close to 5 foot tall. They spoke a Gaelic type of language which resonated in the ears of all and conveyed a sense of peace and serenity and when words would not due they could bend and twist with ease to get behind their opponent and end their life with a single blow.

The orcs were created by Ocrikin, which were muscular with a light brown skin, blond hair, brown eyes and stood close to 6 foot tall. They were one of the strongest of the lesser races created, with the ability to take many wounds yet still drive their weapon through an opponent and live. Ocrikin loved them so much he also imbued the males with the right to take many wives and claim the life of their opponent as their own slave to do what they liked with.

The kobolds were created by Kohaiel, who were adept at the magics the gods possessed yet the shortest and physically weakest of the lesser creations. They stood but 4 foot tall, had yellowish skin, brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. They fought without weapons and spoke in a mystic language that could not only slow their opponents but let their gods fuery fly forth from their finger tips.

The trolls were created for Talvoloth. They were the tallest, most muscular yet the stupidest of the lesser races. As Talvoloth did not create them himself as he felt it initially beneath himself the other gods took advantage by giving the creatures a lack of wit and intelligence but making them stand close to ten feet tall, have extremely muscular body, giving them long black hair and solid black eyes to show his lack of desire to create something for the arena. The trolls fought with honor but died the most frequently amusing the other gods but making Talvoloth irate. It was then that he cut a single strand of his hair and imbued his fighters with its power. To the other gods amazement his trolls did not die as before, their wounds closed on their own, their bodies rose from the ground after battle to kill the others and take the battle for Talvoloth. It was not until the kobolds began to kill them with magic that it was discovered that they only could be killed by fire or acid and many kobolds died before that was learned.

The gnolls created by Grengoll. The original race looked similar to humans but stood closer to 7 feet tall, had hair that could be brown,black or deep red and emerald green eyes like Grengoll. They possessed the intelligence and wisdom to discover weaknesses in their opponents attacks and defenses and the power of their god Grengoll to close wounds and bring their companions back to life. Grengoll felt this was necessary after Tavoloth imbued his creations with the power of revival. This angered the other gods as they could see how these creations could eventually come be worshiped as gods themselves, yet Grengoll refused to back down and destroy his children as they did not force Talvoloth to destroy his.

The gods then created the animals, fruits and crops for each of their children to survive upon and procreate to make the next generation of warrior. It is not remembered which of the creatures was the first nor how many others had been created, but those that were created fought and died for their gods and their triumphs brought power to their masters and rewards to their group.

Approximately 734-620 BC

The gods grew tired of their creatures battles, triumphs and losses so they created the other intelligent life to see how they would survive. Their original favorites took offense to this and tried harder to prove their loyalty by banding together and slaying whole segments of their gods enemies.

The kobolds and gnolls joined forces to almost entirely destroy the trolls while the Orcs and goblins fought amongst themselves and the other created creatures that happened upon their land. Yet over these years the gods barely watched except on occasion as the new creatures wandered into a forbidden land and were destroyed as they knew not of war or death.

Approximately 619-300 BC

The old gods grew tired of the wars and destruction that their original races brought them. It was then that they began to experiment with the molds for other life. Combining birds with serpent molds they created dragon kind. The dragons intrigued them as they not only possessed the strengths of the creature molds they came from but also the magics of the gods.

They decided to begin joining molds to experiment and create the new races, which they pitted in battle with their children for their enjoyment. This reinvigorated their love for the original races for a while and introduced most of the other races the world knows today, some beautiful and majestic, some evil and cruel and some that can only exist with the existence of magic.

Approximately 299-275 BC

It was then in error that the old gods created their favorite races, the elves, dwarves, humans, halflings, and gnomes were produced by accident. They marveled at how the elves were peaceful but used their magic to protect the woodland and craft it’s harvest, how the dwarves craved mining the mountains that protected the world from the oceans that cooled it, how the halflings could do nothing but sit about puffing clouds of smoke and philosophizing about one thing or another and their close relatives the gnomes could create almost anything from anything. Yet it was the humans that intrigued them the most we think, as they were the most diverse. They loved all races and created new breeds of elf, orc, dragon and more. They could be as inventive as the gnomes or as diligent as a dwarf, and some even possessed the aptitude for the use of the gods magic, but not all.

The gods knew these races were special and took the form of each to provide them with full lives. They taught them the gift of healing through worship, how to harness magic through studies, create music to make merry or more, showed them how to travel undetected through the entire world to learn of their environment and were protected from their war like siblings.

These creatures took the time to learn new skills and practice worship, to understand their gods wanted of them. It was at this time that the newer gods were given birth from the mingling of these new races and their creators.

This favoritism offended their original children now referred to as the lesser races by their siblings. They had bled for their creators, fought and died for them yet it was as if they were rebuked and forgotten without a reason why. This began a period of jealousy and planning by the lesser races to kill their siblings and destroy their old creators.

Approximately 274-180 BC

The lesser races threw down their worship their original creators idols, destroyed their places of worship and sacrifice, and began praying to new deities which consisted of their fallen hero’s. This weakened their creators as without their loyalty and prayer their powers bled from them like the waters from the mountains; yet they did not care they were content being among their children as husbands, wives and teachers.

Through the worship of their fallen heroes one arose from the dead as a demi-god as the prayer of the gnolls was so great. Granishian One Eye was hailed as a true god and begged to lead them to victory over their false creators, this began the years of planning.

Approximately 179-165 BC

Granishian continued to grow in power to where he almost rivaled the gods individually which angered the old gods. Using some of what remained of their power, they joined together and destroyed Granishian and punished all of their first children with a curse. Screaming in pain and anguish as their bodies twisted and bent into new forms and their minds and languages altered to prevent another such uprising a hunger for revenge grew to be their sole purpose for living.

The lesser races would kill their old masters and their siblings for taking their parents away from them.


One of very few copies left in the world. Stored in Andreas’ City library.

Book of Enterlalin

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