Gauntlets of Heironeous

Heironeous' Gauntlets


These gauntlets were either made for the god or by him for his own use or his champion’s but it is not entirely certain. What is certain is that they fell into the hands of the Chaer Barony almost three hundred years ago and then were lost to the men about a hundred years back.

They are made of plate and leather and suitable for any human that can wear medium armor. They favor those that follow Heironeous yet will work for any non-evil aligned person. The gauntlets emanate a strong powerful aura and they perform according to every test a if they are gauntlets of protection. When called upon however they grant the wearer with the following benefits.

  • Increased Armor class (+4)
  • Protection from evil (2 uses per day; see spell protection from evil)
  • Benefit to strike and injure evil aligned creatures or humans (+2 to hit, +2 to damage)
  • Immunity to mind affecting magics as long as they are worn.

Evil aligned creatures, humans or demi-humans that handle the gauntlets become sickened (DC: 20 FORT/NEG) and take 3d6 Damage per day they are in contact with them.

Value: Priceless


Gauntlets of Heironeous

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