Helm of Kord

Helm of Kord


Intelligent Item


  • Speech
  • Telepathy
  • 120’ Dark Vision
  • 120’ Hearing

Purpose: Defend the servants and interests of Kord

Ego: 18

Lesser Powers

  • Diplomacy + 10 Ranks
  • Bluff + 10 Ranks
  • Sense Motive + 10 Ranks

Greater Powers

  • Cast Haste on Owner (3 times per day)

Other Enhancements:

  • +3 Armor Class Bonus
  • +3 Intelligence Bonus

Note: Sly gives off a visible Blue Aura acting essentially as a light spell within 20’ of wearer. The aura will turn a vibrant bright Blue when those that actively worship Kord or are carrying out his work need help (within 120’). Sly will tell his wearer and show these followers of Kord to the wearer as blue.


Created by Kiselbane Holy Avenger of Kord First Seeker of Truth during the second exodus of the Isle of Sky. Kiselbane had created the item to help clerics bring forth the word of Kord and protect those that may be taken advantage of by other less reputable gods (Grumish, Erythnul and Hextor). He did not realize in his creation that Kord himself touched the helm imbuing it with other special properties and it was only discovered when a orc knocked him over in battle and was about to slay Kiselbane that he did in the blink of an eye jump to his feet, move around the orc and drive his two handed sword through the creature in that same time. It was then that Sly spoke to him. I will protect you and all others that wear me protect those that worship the most glorious god Kord. Years past and Kiselbane became a man of legend. He died almost 40 years later in his sleep and that is when the helmet was lost. Some claim a thief stole it, others that it was handed down through the generations of his family, but no one truly knew.

Helm of Kord

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