Merciful Punching Dagger

Magical Dagger that is Merciful

weapon (melee)


To Hit: +1
Damage: +0

Special Properties:

  • The dagger is merciful meaning all damage is non-lethal damage until the wielder commands it to stop being merciful with a command word.
  • 1d4 damage + 1d6 extra (Merciful)

It is unknown who created this weapon, though it is clear that they either had a sick sense of humor or a desire not to kill their pray. For the past ten years it’s been in the property of Hagilinth captain of the Griffon’s Wing, a mercenary boat. He’s used it to keep his sailors in line and also to curtail their need for an overindulgence of merriment and spirits.

Merciful Punching Dagger

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