Ring of Dexterity



Stat Increase: +1 Dexterity

Special Properties: Imbued with a minor rune of Dexterity where it provides the owner with the bonus to the Dexterity stat but not the other benefits of the rune.


Created by Coathian the Mean, to see if he could harness the power of his servant’s rune of Dexterity. The poor servant was asked to willingly help his master try this and in the man’s shortsighted desire to help his master was killed as the power of the rune was ripped from his body and soul. Upset that the creation was a failure Coathian traded it later for a new quill and vial of ink. It is rumored to be cursed by the simple folk and is well recognized by them as many a traveler has worn it.

Ring of Dexterity

Kingdom of Kerr Cedric