Waxing & Waning Armor

Cursed Armor



Armor Class: +5
Will: -3 / per day of use

Curse: DC: 15 The armor calls for the wearer to unit it with the waxing & waning weapon and book of blood. The wearer must make a will save at a -3 detriment to overcome the desire to search out the other objects and a separate will save to remove the armor for each day they’ve worn it. After a week of use of use, the user will never use other armor and refuses to remove waxing & waning armor as they’ve become a thrall to the armor’s spirit.

Anyone who touches the armor causes it to immediately shift into a suit of armor that they can use best, and they hear whispers in Far Speak that portend the coming of the great god Hextor. It entices them and calls for them to become the herald of Hextor. When a wearer is near any followers of Heronious, it’s voice to the wearer calls forth for murderous intent and how they will be rewarded by Hextor for doing his bidding. Should the when the wearer become struck in battle,in the same susurrus voice but in speaker’s native tongue it calls for the death of all that do not serve the most holy of gods.


Waxing & Waning Armor

Kingdom of Kerr Cedric