Creating a Character

We are using a stat building/alternative character build method for Dungeon & Dragons 3.5 with a add in component of runes. Where all players are allotted 28 build points to create the abilities of their character. with varying point buy costs depending on the ability level.

All of your characters ability scores start at an 8 base and can be increased to a max score of 18, before racial modifiers are added in or subtracted. Each increase to the stat level cost a different amount of build points, so please use the chart and example below to create your character.

Ability Level Number of Build Points per Ability Point Increased
9-14 1
15-16 2
17-18 3

Example: Chris wants to create a Dwarven Barbarian. Knowing that strength, constitution and dexterity will be key to the character he decides on making the strongest dexterous warrior he can. He decides that intelligence and wisdom are better left to those that know how to call on a god or figure out something without using an axe.

  • To buy a score of 18 for his Strength, he pays 1 build point per ability point increase to raise it to 14 (6 total) 2 build points per ability point to increase it to 16 (4 total) and 3 build points per ability point to increase it to 18 (6 total). This consumes 16 of his 28 points to make Strength 18.
  • To buy a score of 14 for his Dexterity, he pays 1 build point per ability point increase to raise it to 14 (6 total) making his Dexterity 14.
  • To buy a score of 13 for his Constitution, he pays 1 build point per ability point increase to raise it to 14 (6 total) making his Constitution 14.
  • Next he takes into consideration his dwarven birth. He turns to page 14 of the Players Handbook, and see’s that Dwarves are tough but tend to be gruff providing a +2 bonus to his Constitution but a -2 to his Charisma.

Chris’ character’s finally abilities are recorded (see below) before he moves onto the next step which is determining his hit points.

Ability Final Ability Stat Points Spent Racial Modifier
Strength 18 16 0
Dexterity 14 6 0
Constitution 16 6 2
Intelligence 8 0 0
Wisdom 8 0 0
Charisma 6 0 -2

Satisfied with his abilities Chris determines his total hit points. This is done by using your class’ hit dice type (page 23 of the Players Hand Book) multiplied by your character level and adding in your Constitution bonus.

In the Kingdom of Kerr campaign I permit the characters to have five levels of guaranteed max hit points to keep the class’ balanced and the game fun. Additionally as it would be challenging for a character to come into a game at a much lower level we use a party level average rounded down to determine your characters level. See the table below to see how Chris figures out his character’s total hit points.

Total Hit Points Character Level Class Hit Dice Guaranteed Hit Points Rolled Hit Points Constitution Bonus
92 6 d12 72 2 18

Ok, Chris has figured out the first two steps, so he moves onto his skill selection. Barbarians are not the most skillful of characters, but they are tough. He takes his base skill plus/minus his intelligence multiplied by his level; for Chris’ character this means (4-2)*6 or a total of 12 total skill points for him to allot for his character. The maximum class skill rank he can have is 3+his level (9) and the maximum cross skill rank he can have is half his level. Looking over his options he determines that he may want to be an intimidating character that can ride a horse should it be necessary so he adds 9 of his 12 points to Intimidate and the remaining 3 to ride to provide him with the results below.

Skill Total Modified Skill Ability Ability Modifier Rank Armor Check Penalty Miscellaneous
Intimidate 6 Charisma -3 9 0 0
Ride 6 Dexterity 3 3 0 0

Ahh, so Chris has a base character but he needs gear to finish him off and determine his armor class and weapons for his attacks. This is one of the simplest of steps. Looking back at his class he sees that Barbarians are awarded 2d4 Gold when created (page 26 Players Handbook). Taking into consideration his level and multiply the result by 6 for his level plus any gold for creative back story (see below). This provides Chris with enough to enable his character to obtain Masterwork Hide Armor and a Masterwork Axe, plus some miscellaneous mundane items like food, clothing, healing tiles and camping supplies that may be necessary in his travels.

Total Starting Gold Class Starting Gold Result of Roll Character Level Back Story Bonus Gold
286 2d4 6 6 250

Ok, rolling is done and Chris is very happy that he gets to take one of the final steps, saves and feat choice. Recording his fortitude, reflex and will saves, he then records his special feats that Barbarians receive for first – sixth level and then choose one for his Barbarian (Players Handbook, page 25). He determines that a weapon focus (great axe) will fit his character well and providing him with a bit more of a attack bonus before he moves on to the final steps.

Chris is almost done, he has a solid character in his opinion and now he just needs a name, description of his character and story as to why he ventured forth from the mountains or his tribe into Kerr and what he is doing there. The DM will award bonus gold based on a well crafted description and back story so it’s time to show off your imagination and writing skills. If you need ideas check the forums and the WIKI for cities, towns and landmarks that you can work into your characters back story.

Chris comes up with the name Groneck the Black (as he has black hair), details out his character and provides a back story as to why he’s traveling to the capital in search of work in hopes that DM will award him some bonus gold and maybe experience.


Standing a mere 3’6" tall, Groneck the Black has long black hair and a braided beard. The solid black cloak does little to conceal the large war axe that is strapped to his back, the bulging back pack the is shifted to the left of it or the battle scared hide armor that has etchings and leather work that clearly indicates that he hails from a stronger clan house then others. His boots are covered in mud and britches are torn and ripped in different areas but still conceal the small knife stuffed into the left boot.

His smell gives him away to all that are within four feet of where he stands as baths are not common in his clan as they live far from water and despise bath day declaring it the worst day of the new moon.

Back Story

Groneck left his clan in hopes he could convince king Andreas that the old packs need to be renewed providing a united peace between dwarves and humans for another 100 years. Hearing the rumors of aggression between the Tipaneth Empire and Kerr Groneck felt it was the best time to leave as his clan held the pass and managed the elves when they got out of hand with slaying too many humans that ventured into their claimed lands.

Upon his way to Glevath he noticed a strange group of kobolds that had made their way deep into the kingdom and pursued them. Following them all the way to the old church of Heironeous he discovered that the Tipaneth armies had begun to assemble within the Kingdom’s borders and knew it was time to stop trailing the small creatures and make haste to Glevath.

Spotted as he remounted his horse arrows flew killing his steed and forcing his hand at killing those that attacked him. The fight was short but costly, he had lost a horse, his crossbow and a small amount of ammunition that he knew he could not replace in the grasslands as he knew not the skill with wood or metal.

What seemed like weeks passed before he found the gates to Glevath, making his way past the sentries of the city, he looked on in awe at the stonework and asked to be presented to the king in hopes he could negotiate this renewed pact with not just what he started with but what he had discovered.

Finally he rolls a 1d6 and includes the result (marked as Rune Roll) on his sheet when sending his character to the DM. The DM will send a approval or re-work e-mail and from there Chris waits to use his new character in the next upcoming game.

Important Information

Restrictions to character creation are:

  • Players characters may not play Monstrous characters as they are not accepted in The Kingdom of Kerr.
  • Player characters may not have an evil alignment. (CN/CG/TN/NG/LG basically)
  • Player characters may not play a local noble. If you feel it is important to your back story you may have noble blood, but you will be a far removed relative from a different kingdom and the nobility here will not recognize you.

Creating a Character

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