More About Runes

What else does my Rune do for me?

Beyond working to understand your rune to better it’s strength and the benefit to you; runes provide a +1 benefit to the stat referenced. i.e. you have a Wisdom Rune, that rune add’s it’s +1 to your base ability score of Wisdom. Thus if you have a 18 native Wisdom stat, you now have a 19.

How do I get more Runes?

Runes can never be forcefully taken from another through any means, they must be given of the person’s own free will. Once they are given both the host and the donor are linked magically, which has many benefits and detriments; thus it is carefully thought out by each before such before having the ceremony performed. Once the ceremony has been completed the donor falls into a comatose sleep never to awaken again, and the host feels the power of the rune surface upon their body.

The most known issue that occurs with this relationship is that should the host ever die, the donor will also die and should a donor ever die, the host looses the power of the donated rune and can become fatigued for up to a month. Beyond that each shares a intimate knowledge about each other including their whereabouts and safety.

Why would anyone want to donate a Rune?

Typically those that donate to royalty are looking for some form of title, favor or coin for their family, others are looking to buy forgiveness for a loved one or their family name while others still can not afford to live or contribute any skill and see this as a way of helping the kingdom. There are other various reasons as to why one may donate their rune but it typically for someone other then themselves.

How many Runes can I have?

Though small in size the magic that emanates from your birth rune prevents you from taking on too many runes that do not match it’s own native ability unless you have a very high intellect and know how the runes interact with one another. If you happen to have a Intelligence higher then 20 refer to the table below, otherwise you may have a max of two types of runes and at most two of each.

Race Size Max Number of Runes
Human Medium 12
Halfling Small 4
Gnome Small 5
Half-Orc Medium 16
Dwarf Medium 8
Half-Elf Medium 10
Elf Medium 14

Where do I put those that donate their Runes to me?

Those that donate their runes are unable to care for themselves in any capacity and thus they need others to care for them. Locations for donor’s can be found in the larger cities of Kerr and are known as Donor’s Palaces. These palaces are guarded by not only guards but by the knights and their own men-at-arms and squires. The buildings are never left unguarded and should someone be near one without permission they typically are brought to the dungeon for questioning.

Housing a donor within the Donor’s Palace is not inexpensive and typically will cost two to three hundred gold coins a week and a year’s payment is expected upfront by those that run it. Those that can not afford to house their donors in the palace typically house them within their own homes under guard or work with other hosts to obtain a small manner-home of dwarven make to house their donors. This though not the normal practice is slightly less then housing them within the palace.

More About Runes

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