Party Information & History

Current Party


Character Race Class Level
Argus the Crafty Human Rogue 10
Eltharion Elf Ranger 10
Jolin Half-Orc Barbarian/Fighter 2/8
Usephe Onelus Human Ranger/Justicar 7/3
Viktor Raysdan Human Fighter 10
Wesley Human Cleric 10


Character Race Class Level
Falcon Hawk Animal Companion of Usephe 1
Bearbear Bear Animal Companion of Eltharion 3

Note: Bearbear, originally not named by his master Eltharion was captured by the some local hunters and put into the circus as his master decided on going sailing with some mages. Later they were re-united and Bearbear the unnamed looked at his master for a new name.

Dismissed Companions

Character Race Class Level
Cedric Dwarf * Bard 8
Tillios Horse Mount 5

Note: Cedric was originally an elf that when brought back from the dead became a Dwarf much to his disliking.

Retired Characters

Character Race Class Level
Las’Saemus Elf Druid/Rogue 6/2
Traben Hawklight Human Scout 8

Note: The battle has raged for over a year and these members have taken to the countryside to recuperate from their injuries promising others that they may return later to aid the king and land.


Character Race Class Level Died At Heroic Death?
Korax Human Barbarian 7 Grasslands No
Minthan Human Knight 7 Tomb No
Kane the Chaotic Tiefling Barbarian 6 Tomb No

Party Information & History

Kingdom of Kerr Cedric