The Kingdom of Kerr

The campaign is a home grown Dungeon & Dragons 3.5 campaign with a component added in from David Farland’s The Rune Lords series.

The Kerr campaign is based upon a medieval tutonic society (Kerr), where nobility, honor and justice outweigh even the purest intent and doing something that is right may not be as important as doing something that is just. Where one god is worshiped and revered above all others and one’s life spent in the service of that god should they worship him is rewarded greatly, or so they say. Where mages, warlocks and witches are seen as evil as the arcane magics they use lead to the wars between the baronies and the deaths of thousands of innocents. Where little value placed on life unless it is royal life and in any given day many people will pass without the slightest of concern though the faithful do try to bring what light and ease they can into the world of Enterlalin.

King Andreas Der Ice Falk has received word from his scouts and divine soothsayers that the 100 years of peace that has followed the wars between the baronies is about to end immanently. This news is not unexpected as Andreas has been making preparations for the past few years with the monies of Illigonith Mercanth III at great expense. These monies have gone to hire the dwarven masons necessary to craft the walls about Glevath and the Jewel’s keep, recruit and train some of the most stalwart troops the world has ever seen and transport goods too and from the Port city of Las.

All that remains is for the war to begin, though begin it has without Andreas’ knowledge. The armies of the Tipaneth barony have slipped over the borders and taken up small areas around the northern border without much notice as the Watcher Keep’s have been poorly staved since most men have enlisted or gone into smithing to provide for the army.

Heironeous’ Cathedral north of the old grasslands has become a base for the the Tipaneth army and sporadic smaller camps have established all over the grasslands taking their chances with the witches of old and in hope that the same rumors and tales will keep the inquiring armies and commoners away. Goblins, Orcs and Kobolds have been seen by the towers knights and for the most part destroyed but those that have escaped, have escaped south into the grasslands and other places unknown by the knights.

It is a time of heroes again, a time when the gods of old sacrificed themselves to save their children and the knights of Balrick protected the northern boarders and waged war to protect the common people knowing it meant their deaths. Are you one to help unite the people and land again, can you and your band of trusted friends help the king?

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