Kingdom of Kerr

To Stop Hextor's Embodiment (part 2)

The Kingdom of Kerr – To Stop Hextor’s Embodiment (part 2)

K o k adv pst 2

As afternoon passed into evening and the sun began to make it’s way down towards it’s earthen bed the party decided to mount their horses and make their way to find the body of Malagent and stop the embodiment of Hextor. As they left the city of Grenilak the sky began to turn white and the white flakes of snow began to drift down construing the tracks that were once very pronounced in the old snow. Las’Saemus volunteered to lead the group in the foreign land and a few hours later the group came upon a river that had frozen over.

Traben and Las’Saemus noticed multiple dead bodies that upon the ice and realized that something stirred across the way behind some large boulders and in the tree line. The party took defensive positions as Traben inspected the bodies before realizing they were zombies laid as a trap for any that would follow those that intended on raising the champion or god himself. Tieflings poured out with their barbarian protectors moments later to cut off their retreat into the woods.

A terrible fight ensued where both Traben and Las’Saemus were cut down and experienced a peaceful rest. Awakening in the realm between life and death the two separately were greeted by a raven. The creature made no sense initially as it just cawed at them, screaming some unknown command of sorts for them to do as the sun continued to shine it’s light brighter and brighter. Eventually both realized they had to re-swear their loyalty to the Raven queen and accept her will.

Awakening during battle they saw Minthan and Argus battling those that remained to survived to oppose them while Wesley did his best to help those injured (both horse and companion). Separating from the group Minthan mounted a steed and began to valiantly cut down the surviving zombies while Traben chased after a fleeing Tiefling and continued to attack him till he dropped.

Going through the loot they had uncovered from their assailants a few items of note were uncovered thought the one that Las’Saemus seemed to cherish the most were the magical earring shaped to look and move like a dragon, and a strange cloak that had the heraldry embossed on the lining verse the exterior of the cloak.

Calling for rest, Wesley decided to pray to his god Heironeous and the others found what dry timber they could and erected a few tents. Unknown to them a strange half orc barbarian trailed them, was he friend of foe? They would not know thill they awoke the next day or he ambushed them during their sleep.



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