Town: Hoel

Type: Major Town
Land: Tipaneth Empire

General Places

The points below are part of the actual town of Hoel and patrolled infrequently by the magi as all that live here know of the punishment for breaking the law. All places below are easily accessible and elves, humans, orcs and tieflings freely traverse these places.

The Dead Man’s Inn: The second largest building in the town. It is a two level structure with inn above the tavern below. It is host to those that visit the town or the common adventurer that travels through this land on their way enlist in the general army of the Tipaneth Empire or find good slave routes into the Kingdom of Kerr. It is run by a middle age Half-Orc Shaman (Grelik Black Heart) and was constructed on the graveyard of the non-magical so they may never find rest, which has always humored Grelik Black Heart. Occasionally a spirit can be seen walking the halls or making it’s way through the floor boards but to those that know it, it can be great fun on those that don’t.

Caniour’s Stuff: Near the entrance to the town the store hosts all manners of goods and magical items. Caniour was once a great necromancer and has collected so many things that he opened this store. The normal fair can be found here placed between some of the most dangerous traps, that have not been seen in almost a hundred years and strange armor’s and weapons. The store is simple and basically unguarded unless one of the creatures that Caniour employees spots you then getting away is the least of your worries.

Kothas es Droka’s Armory & Weapons: Attached to the Town Hall in Hoel, it is run by Kothas es Droka a sailor by trade a learned weapon and armor smith by choice. He has very few clients, he believes because he is a minotaur but in actuality it’s because his black dragon mount sleeps out back when it visits him or is called from the eve’s eye marsh. He was considering closing it till the influx of orcs and goblins began arriving from the portal on their way to Lorinth for the war with Kerr.

Barracks: A common single story building that houses almost twenty magi and warrior protectors. These men have sworn to defend the town and slay any that break the law. They have been placed under a gease to prevent them from ever breaking the law’s themselves or meeting out justice to those that do.

Market: Housed within the town square exists the market comprised of local and traveling merchants that come to the city as well as the new orc tents that appear when the Splintered Table is full. This square is filled daily with all manner of goods and people, though theft is never worried about and no locks on chests or guards exist to protect their masters stalls or property.

Religious Places

Large Shrine: Hextor: A large shrine, in the center of the town square itself is erected. Above it a fist clenching four arrows can be seen made of stone and enchanted so that as you pass it appears to rotate to face you at all times. Fresh blood of lawbreakers can be seen at the foot of the shrine and two religious knights can be seen within weapons distance of the shrine carefully keeping watch over it. These men seem more stalwart then the knights of Kerr and also appear very charismatic.


Necromancy Guild: The most important of guilds, this tower stands the largest of all buildings in the town at five stories and boasts the largest footprint for their members to practice within. Undead march and keep watch over the grounds and fresh bodies line the training grounds for the recruit magi that need to learn the skill. Most of the bodies are monstrous though some seem to be of the common inhabitant of the city.


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